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Auditions for the WHIPS Spring Production 2020  were held on Thursday 5th December 2019 in the Canterbury Rooms, Ockam Road South, East Horsley . We cast Close to the Wind directed by Jack Griffith. Performances will take place 22nd to 25th April 2020 at the West Horsley Village Hall. Rehearsals will be held twice weekly Monday and Thursday evenings in Horsley starting in February 2020.


The action of the play takes place in the home of Gerry and Kate, a period house in the Home Counties.

Gerry believes his twenty three year marriage is all right, but Kate feels differently. Their lives have been a series of distractions – first home, children, second home – but now the children are going, Kate feels useless and wonders if it all hasn’t been a terrible mistake. Returning home after a disastrous and abandoned visit to the theatre, hi-jacked by Gerry’s lively mother, Mary, Gerry and Kate attempt to salvage the evening at a local restaurant – but it just makes a bad evening out into a worse one. Daughter Louise and her boyfriend Julian are key players in this comedy of marital mishap and mid-life crisis, as are Mary and her beau, Roy. However, the end of this amusing and highly perceptive play finds Gerry and Kate caught on the sofa for all the world themselves like mischievous teenagers.


Gerry – a middle aged man.  (Phil Embury)
Kate – Gerry’s wife. (Hannah Jordan)
Louise – their daughter. (Veronica Keywood)
Julian – Louise’s boyfriend. (Matthew Chapman)
Mary – Gerry’s mother. (Jan Hudson)
Roy – a friend of Mary’s. (Tony Thompson)

For further information or to express interest in being part of the production crew please contact Jack Griffith on 




How we run the Audition

Whips and non-Whips members are welcome to audition. If you would like to come please let us know and if possible, the part(s) you are interested in and your previous experience.

A casting committee comprising Director and two Committee Members will run the audition and choose the cast.

On the night you will be asked to read from the script and interact with others for the parts that you are interested in and possibly other parts.

At the end of the audition, all adjourn to the local pub while choices are made by the Casting Committee.

The Director will then come to the pub and inform everyone of the choices made.

Then the fun starts !!!!!!

Interested ?

For further information and a copy of the script please contact Jack Griffith



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