Pullin’ the Wool

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Pullin’ the Wool by Frank Vickery, Directed by Jack Griffith, WHVH 5th – 9th May2015

A very funny and complicated comedy about buying and selling houses

It is Friday evening, Martyn and Gayle Walsh wait to entertain their prospective purchasers the Gibbons. But who should arrive but the Lovejoys whose house the Walshes plan to purchase. Unbeknown to the Walshes the Gibbons have had a fake survey done to try and get the price down whilst the Lovejoys are trying to get out of the deal as they have nowhere to go. Martyn also has an agenda, he wants to get his price up by charging the Gibbons for a few extra items. The Lovejoys decide to make a few “modifications” to the Walsh’s property hoping that the Gibbons will drop out of the deal. Meanwhile the Gibbons arrive and meet the Lovejoys whilst Ray Gibbon begins to convince Gayle that the Walshes property has severe structural problems and Barrie Lovejoy begins to systematically wreck the place. Gayles beautiful meal goes haywire and whilst Sheila Gibbon and Denise Lovejoy try to create some food a fuse blows and the lights go out. In the dark Martyn tries to find Gayle and as the lights finally come back on Gayle rounds on Martyn for an alleged marital affair. Martyn arranges a second survey but Ray intercepts and gets that one to report that the Walshes house is falling down. Ray and Gayle get high and Friday evening ends in chaos with Gayle breaking down.

A week later it is Saturday evening, the Walshes visit the Gibbons for a BBQ and meet Dave and Di who will be buying the Gibbons house. Martyn has seen the second survey and believes his house really is falling down; he wants to offload it to Ray as quickly as possible. Along the way Ray accepts a payment from the Lovejoys not to proceed so releasing the Lovejoys from their purchase, whilst Gayle feigning a nervous breakdown ends up on the roof. Ray finally buys the Walshes house at a knockdown price and all parties think they have come out on top.

Our Charity Night in support of Cherry Trees raised an excellent total of £TBA. Thanks to all who came to the show and entered the raffles.

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