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Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn, Directed by Jack Griffith, WHVH 9th – 12th November 2011

Bedroom Farce is a play for four men and four women. Ernest and Delia go out to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary. When this is a failure they return home and prepare to celebrate with pilchards on toast in bed. Malcolm and Kate are preparing a house-warming party: Nick and Jan have been invited to this but Nick has hurt his back and prepares to rest quietly in bed. All three preparations are doomed, however, to disaster by the marital problems of Trevor (son of Ernest and Delia) and his wife, who descend on each couple in turn leaving chaos in their wake, finally taking over the bedroom (and bed) of the long-suffering Malcolm and Kate. The three bedrooms are presented simultaneously on stage and the action flows in and out from one to another during this hectic night

Our Charity Night in support of Cherry Trees raised an excellent total of £350. Thanks to all who came to the show and entered the raffles.

A Whips member writes after the show ” For the second time this year the society revived a comedy that it had first put on a generation or so ago. A few audience members found the play a bit dated and advance bookings were rather disappointing. However, word of mouth yielded plenty of extra support for what turned out to be a production of real quality.
Any play that attempts to create three separate (and disparate) bedrooms on the one modestly-proportioned stage is liable to arouse feelings of claustrophobia. But the four couples occupying these narrow spaces were themselves trapped to varying degrees in unsatisfactory relationships; the staging limitations did much to reinforce the stifling atmosphere brewed up on a single night in their various lives. All in all, a satisfying blend of comedy and pathos and perhaps one of the best of Jack Griffith’s many productions for The Whips.”

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